August 23, 2008
Filed Under (Noted in passing) by transom

One of the touted features of Amazon is its recommendation engine. I have to admit to loving Amazon (some months too much!) even when I pay sales tax on every purchase. But I find the recommendation strangely useless.

If you purchase often, you end up spending more time weeding the engine than shopping from it. For example, I tried some coffee beans from Amazon (they were on-sale and I was out – so why not). Now my recommendation engine lists bag after bag of coffee beans – just because I ordered a bag of coffee beans.

It would seem smarter for Amazon to ask me if I liked the coffee and would like to re-order (something that is surprisingly difficult to do on Amazon – you can subscribe, but re-ordering is hard.)

And while we are talking grocery shopping on Amazon – why can’t I get a listing by cost per unit of measure. For commodities – it would make it easy to spot a bargain. Try comparing coffee prices on Amazon – there have to be over 40 different quantity combinations and no easy way to compare the price per oz.

I love Amazon. I just don’t love how hard it is to love Amazon.

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