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October 08, 2008
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“SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (UPI)—Police in Saskatoon, Canada, Tuesday shot and killed a 100-pound wild cougar spotted relaxing in a man’s yard.

Young men of Saskatoon had mixed feelings and admitted that they would miss her when last call came around.”

(Via Woot : Bzzt Bzzt Black Sheep: Woot Weads The Wire.)

October 03, 2008
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C3FEA23A-5463-46FB-AD69-386760C77CCC.jpgI am pleasantly surprised at the new album from Linda Eder – The Other Side of Me. I’ll steal one of the iTunes reviewers lines – “Reminds me of Jane Olivor” (another favorite of mine.) The good news is that Ms. Eder keeps the “belting” to a minimum on this album.

This song got **** from me. (and oddly enough, is not reminiscent of Jane Olivor at all!)

Waiting for the Fall • Eder, Linda • The Other Side of Me ★★★★