November 04, 2008
Filed Under (Opinion) by transom

John McCain is one of America’s great heros. His honor and duty to the country would be enough to make him a figure of history.

As I mentioned in personal discussions throughout this campaign, America would be hard pressed to lose in this election as both candidates were men of honor and civility. Reasonable men can disagree reasonably.

In John McCain’s concession speech, we saw the man that I wished had shown up during the campaign. The one for whom we could reasonably consider casting our vote. The speech’s graciousness and aspirational vision of an America were ideals that any American, regardless of party could relate. It stands in sharp contrast to the worst moments of the campaign itself, we got pandering to the “right”, and to the worst instincts in ourselves.

I doubt anyone will be surprised that once the glow of the fabulous oratory of these election nights speeches fade in the bitter gales of partisanship in the coming month, we find ourselves wishing we could reconnect to the emotions and joys of tonight’s result.

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