August 17, 2008
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I can’t let the death of my cat go by without remarking on it (but there is nothing to see here – move along!) This is for me, not general consumption.

One half of my personal comedy team – Bob & Ray – died this week. Apparently he had been suffering from hyperthyroidism and by the time the symptoms caused a trip to the vet, the end was near. Despite the vet’s best efforts, he just slide downhill very quickly.

I adopted Bob & Ray from the Lancaster PA Humane shelter over 12 years ago and we have survived many the adventure including a cross-country airplane trip. Ray was my buddy. He was everybody’s buddy – he never met anyone he wouldn’t try to coax some attention out of – and all of us were suckers for him. He even loved the mice that found their way inside from the woods. I don’t think he ever killed one (although a few died of exhaustion) – he just played with them until I could coax the mouse into safer place for extraction to the outside.

Ray was amazingly brave – he once rushed past me to confront a raccoon that had invaded our deck. The raccoon quickly backed off the deck and Ray was very proud of himself for several days.

He was also responsible most of the destruction of my furniture. Why use a perfectly good scratching post when there is a untouched piece of furniture that needs to be clawed up. And he loved to talk – all hours of the day (between naps), he would walk around his house talking up a storm.

Bob will not miss being the target of the cat ambushes and is quickly adjusting to her role as sole cat (a position that she has always thought was hers.) But Ray will be deeply missed from both of our lives.

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