October 29, 2014
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Many, many years ago, I was hired as the second employee of a consulting firm in my home town. We grew and I hired my friends from college to join us (it saved time by skipping the interviews and we were young, oh so young.) Not long after Ed Reed, Rich Edyvean, Larry Zaiser, and I started our own company (and got sued in the meantime.)

Over the next three years we grew a business. It wasn’t pretty or even overly successful. We got lucky and a F500 company came along and saved us from ourselves.

Ed and I stayed with the F500 company for number of years. Rich went on to a senior technical role for an oil company in Texas.

That was almost 40 years ago. Tonight Ed shared the sad news that Rich lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. While time and distance has separated us, the loss is no less painful. My thoughts are with his wife and family tonight.

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